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The launch of “AIMIS – Paley Institute for Special Orthopedics & Limb Lengthening” in Cyprus, presents modern “medical miracles”

The American Institute AIMIS, in a strategic collaboration with Paley Institute, founded AIMIS Paley Institute Ltd for Special Orthopedicς & Limb Lengthening, bringing considerable changes in the healthcare sector and highlighting the importance of Cyprus as a center of advanced medical services.

The foundation bricks for the birth of this new collaboration were only placed on Monday the 18th of February when the Manging Director of AIMIS – American Institute of Minimal Invasive Surgery Marios Papadopoulos and the founder of Paley Institute Dr Dror Paley signed the contracts.

The cooperation between AIMIS, a pioneering institute that operates exclusively with American standards and practices, and the Paley Institute, which was founded with the aim to progress the mission of Dr. Paley to improve the lives of children and adults suffering from rare, congenital and post-traumatic orthopedic conditions in the United States and the rest of the world, brings today a small “revolution” to the health sector in Cyprus.

With a 10-year presence in Cyprus, AIMIS is evolving as the most reliable healthcare provider in the country, offering patient-centered solutions and unsurpassed results. AIMIS today cooperates with the best healthcare professionals, a tradition that commenced on the very first day of operation, offering medical solutions to patients around the world, engaging the best American and international doctors and surgeons and using cutting edge technology with minimally invasive surgery as in the case of spinal and robotic surgery.

The 30-year course of Paley Institute and the excellent provision of healthcare services to its patients speak of its name. It is a true leader and pioneer in reconstructive orthopedic surgery.

The AIMIS – Paley Institute for Special Orthopedics and Limb Lengthening in Cyprus – with Dr. Paley’s team, which consists of Greek and Cypriot Surgeons (such as Dr. Scarpa and others) as well as special physiotherapists, ergotherapists, osteopaths, etc. – will offer its services in Europe, Asia, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. The first few surgeries have already been scheduled.